Donabate Portrane Community Council revived

The community council in Donabate and Portrane has been revived after an infusion of new members, with the aim of giving the area strong representation.

New officers have been appointed and a number of subcommittees set up.

The new community council aims to be a strong voice for the area.

It aims to ensure issues around infrastructural deficits are addressed, and will be seeking to further encourage the cultural and community-event activities run every year on the peninsula.

The community council is a fully constituted body. It is an independent group with no political affiliations. It is formally recognised by Fingal County Council. It has been in existence for decades.

It will also focus strongly on the safety of children, as they have to go and come from school as large numbers of 12-wheel vehicles pass them, due to heightened construction activity in Donabate.

Other priorities include ensuring there are sufficient primary school places for the fast-expanding population, and that the promised road improvements are delivered on.

A spokesperson for Donabate Portrane Community Council said the community welcomes new inhabitants into the area but it is concerned about infrastructural deficits on the narrow peninsula.

And the spokesperson paid tribute to former community council chairman Tom Burke, who kept the organisation going despite depleted membership numbers in the past few years.  The new Community Council chairman Charlie Weston paid tribute also to the work of Larry Carolan, Roger Lamb and John Lovatt, who kept the organisation going over the past few years under difficult circumstances.

There are 25 people on the new committee, who were voted onto the community council at a public meeting. The new chairman is personal finance journalist Charlie Weston.

The vice-chairperson is Gareth Lee, a former chairman of the community council.

Elected secretary was Corina Johnston, a member of the Links Residents’ Association and a community activist.

Existing treasurer Roger Lamb is continuing in that role, with the assistance of Alain Rochecouste.

The planning officer is Cormac MacDiarmada, with David Fletcher taking up the role of publicity officer. Alex Staveley is in charge of the website and social media for the community council.

Donabate Portrane Community Council represents the interests of all the residents of the Peninsula and supports development of the community through:

  • Giving everybody an opportunity to become involved in turning the community into a better place.
  • Identifying opportunities for enhancing the area.
  • Monitoring threats and informing the community.
  • Supporting local clubs and voluntary groups.

The local tidy towns committee and The Bleeding Pig Cultural Festival, among others, are subcommittees of the community council.

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