Fingal Co. Co. Area Committee Meeting (April)

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See below questions and motions raised and answered at the April Area Committee.


Area Committee Meeting A April 2018

  1. To ask the Chief Executive, for an assessment with a view to providing traffic calming measures and signage along the inner Corballis Road (from the Hearse Road -Island Golf Club) where only this week 3 cars went off the road and ended up in the sea where thankfully no one was injured but according to residents living on this stretch of road , this is a regular occurrence due to excess speed. This road is also very popular with walkers/cyclists and horses riders”. Reply: An assessment of the inner Corballis Road will be completed in Q3 2018 and any traffic calming measures deemed necessary will be listed for consideration for future works programmes
  2. “To ask the Chief Executive, to provide signage both in the village and on the Portrane Road highlighting the Ballymastone Sports Campus home to St Ita’s AFC St Patricks GAA Club and hopefully LSA”. Reply: Should the sports clubs listed in the question above wish to erect directional signage they should formally apply to the Operations Department. Applications will be considered by the Area Engineer, and if approved, the applicant will be notified to arrange for the appropriate payment.
  3. “To ask the Chief Executive to consider the appointment of a Beach Warden for the Summer Months on Donabate Beach given the large amount of tourists who use the beach and the constant overflow of litter left daily on the beach a Beach Warden would very much support the work of the life guards that are on the Beach during the summer months”. Reply: The Council do not have a grade of Beach Warden. Lifeguards are stationed on the beach every day during the bathing season, and carry out regular patrols of the beach. Bins are emptied and litter picked on a daily schedule and during the summer season the beach is cleaned once per week on a schedule. All beach visitors are made aware of their civic responsibilities through signage at the entrances to Donabate beach and each summer there are frequent news articles reminding people to dispose of their litter appropriately. Any incidences of anti-social behaviour, if witnessed by the lifeguards on duty are reported to the Gardai. Any member of the public can also report anti-social behaviour on beaches to the Gardai.
  4. To ask the Chief Executive to assess the Bus Stop on the Hearse Road as there is a problem with the stretch of hard shoulder on the Hearse Road between the entrance to the lane and the hard stand of the bus stop. With the very wet winter, this area is permanently in a quagmire necessitating the pedestrian to step into the road for about 20 meters. At this point traffic is travelling fast as there is a straight and it is very hazardous”. Reply: Drainage improvement works are currently being carried out at this location which should help alleviate/prevent any surface water runoff lying at the edge of the road and thus reduce the need to step into the road.
  5. To ask the Chief Executive in consultation with the Somerton / Carrs Mill resident’s association and the developer for the Paddocks to address the overall public realm around the entrance to the Somerton/ Carrs Mill and the Paddocks but especially the area opposite Donabate Cemetery which is currently an eye sore and needs to be upgraded.” Reply: The Operations Department is happy to meet with the Somerton/Carrs Mill Residents Association to discuss possible improvements to their entrance. It should be noted that The Paddocks development has not been Taken in Charge by the Council.
  6. “To ask the Chief Executive, in regard to Council Cemeteries are there bye laws in place to guide the public when purchasing headstones and monuments in regard to what height and width headstones/monuments can be erected at.” Reply: Under the Burial Ground Policy 2012 and in accordance with Regulations made by the Minister for Local Government all sculptors who carry out works in our Burial Grounds must obtain a Permit issued by Fingal County Council for the erection of a headstone and kerbing. The Maximum height for headstone/monuments etc. inclusive of all works associated there within all burial grounds or extensions (with the exception of Flemington BG) is 7 foot above ground level. In order to have consistency and uniformity of heights of the headstones within Flemington Burial Ground, all headstones are to be no less than 0.9m (3 ft) and to a maximum 1.2m in height (4 ft). It should also be noted in St. Fintan’s Lawn Cemetery all headstones are laid flat


That the Chief Executive, looks at prioritising the overall public realm at the entrance to Newbridge House and Park the reinstatement and repair of the surrounding wall and the installation of signage just before the entrance to the Newbridge House and Park.”

Report: Significant boundary treatment works, including repairs to the wall , removal of trees and shrubbery, have been carried out on Hearse Road and Cobbes Lane in the first quarter of 2018. Similar works are ongoing on Turvey Avenue . The erection of additional signage is currently being examined .

That the Chief Executive, given the recent bad weather and the large volumes of HGV’s that has greatly affected the main road network within Donabate Portrane and especially just after Donabate Bridge on the left handside and within the village centre creating areas that have crumbled can measures be put in place to have these areas repaired permanently and as currently a temporary fix of the craters is resulting in large deposits of debris been sprayed on to the road.”

Report: A road widening scheme on Hearse Road on the western approach to Donabate Bridge has been scheduled and will address permanent repairs at that particular location. Permanent repairs and temporary repairs in emergency situations will be carried out on an ongoing basis.

Area Committee Meeting B April 2018

1.To ask the Chief Executive for an update in relation to the pedestrian walkway that is currently closed between the Paddocks Housing development and Donabate Community Centre, given the particular stretch of footpath from Somerton to the Community Centre that children are using temporarily while the pedestrian walkway is closed is at points very narrow and dangerous. Can I ask, as a matter of urgency that this matter is reviewed and what are the timelines for the reopening of this much needed and safe walk way?”

Reply: Planning Enforcement Section has been in contact with the developer of The Paddocks in relation to the footpath which is the subject of condition No’s. 2 and 3C of Planning Permission F15A/0456. Condition No. 3C requires compliance documents to be submitted prior to the commencement of development. A commencement notice has yet to be submitted by the developer signifying his intention to commence development. To date the works carried out at the site have been site enablement works. The developer has reported that due to unforeseen circumstances ie the on-site re-routing of a 200mm gas main which serves Portrane Hospital, and the re-design of the footpath due to the gradient from the Community Centre to The Paddocks, he expects that this footpath will be ready in May/June 2018. The Planning Enforcement section will continue to monitor this site.

2. “To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the discussions with the ETB, relevant insurers with regard to the replacement of the carpet at the Donabate Portrane All Weather Pitch which was extensively damaged from a flooding event in October 2011 that was subsequently repaired and reinsured as in interim measure until discussions concluded?” Reply: Discussions are continuing between the ETB, solicitors and the relevant insurers with regard to the replacement of the carpet at the Donabate Portrane All Weather Pitch. This is a complex legal issue with no further details available at the moment. The Council will continue to pursue all parties to reach an outcome.

3. To ask the Chief Executive to provide the criteria for communities to included within the Dublin Airport noise corridor by the DAA and given the obvious increase in aviation noise over the Donabate Portrane Peninsula over the last 12/18 months – are planes now taking off and landing over the Peninsula and if this is confirmed can Donabate Portrane be added to the Fingal Communities that are registered as been impacted by aviation noise. Reply: The noise action planning for the Dublin Agglomeration and the Airport is underway at present. This will include updated noise mapping for the Airport which will identify the parts of the County impacted by aviation noise. There will be a public consultation process starting in September this year prior to the finalisation of the process.

4. To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the commissioning and launch of a Donabate Portrane tourism map and guide and if there are plans to both launch this guide in 2018 and install a high quality design sign of the map and guide in both the heart of Donabate Village and Portrane Village?” Reply The Donabate-Portrane Tourism development group met in March to proof the map and agree text content for the brochure. These changes are currently being made by the graphic designers. The map and brochure will be launched before the busy high season and will be distributed along with the Fingal Tourism Development Office suite of maps and brochures. The Fingal Tourism Development Office is also working on a website for the peninsula and have recently met with the web developer to commence work on this site. It is anticipated that the brochures, maps and website will be produced by end of May following which it is also intended to design, procure and place Orientation Boards in both Donabate and Portrane.

5. To ask the Chief Executive to give serious consideration if there is political support from all parties and none for the staging of a community meeting /information session in tandem with the HSE to provide for an update on the progress of the Local Area Plan, the expected further developments on the Donabate Portrane Peninsula in both the short and medium term and the progress and expected integration of the new National Forensic Hospital at St Ita’s Hospital Portrane onto the Peninsula. For example format for this meeting could be agreed in advance between the Executives and the Members and perhaps the meeting could be chaired by the Area Committee Chairperson. Reply: The Donabate Local Area Plan March 2016 is the background planning framework for the phased delivery of the residential and community infrastructure in the Donabate and Portrane areas. The LAP phasing and implementation strategy requires that new development in Donabate be progressed through a series of three sequential geographical phases expanding from the existing urban centre and each phase will be underpinned by infrastructural provision ‘….Lands at Corballis and Ballymastone will be developed on a sequential basis with development generally expanding southwards from the village into Corballis and eastwards into Ballymastone as logical physical extensions to the existing built form of the village.’ The LAP provides for specific infrastructural requirements in association with identified sites within the 3 phases of development include inter alia: · New roads; · Junction improvements; · Specific walking and cycling routes and crossing facilities; · The preparation of a Masterplan for ‘Ballymastone Educational and Recreational Campus’, to facilitate the development of community, education (primary and post primary school sites), recreation and sporting facilities at Ballymastone, including a youth activity space for the Donabate Peninsula, as required · A Local Centre and a primary school site at Corballis East. All proposed development within the LAP lands as approved by development consent under the Planning and Roads Acts shall comply with the provisions of the adopted LAP. Currently, the Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Dept. is at an early stage in the delivery of the provisions of the Donabate LAP and as such it is very early in the process to be engaging in any review process. With regard to the NFMHSH at Portrane, the Planning and Strategic Infrasructure Dept. can, subject to update consultation with the HSE, address progress on this project with the Members of the Council. The Members should note that the Donabate Liaison Committee is the designated local area partnership group of elected members, community, business and other interests whose aim is to promote understanding and relevance of local democracy by improving communication and increasing local visibility. Local issues are discussed and reviewed regularly as part of the work of this committee and this offers the opportunity for local community groups to raise local planning and infrastructure issues.


6. “To ask the Chief Executive as a matter of urgency on behalf of this Committee to once again write to Dublin Bus and the National Transport Authority. To request that they attend an Area Committee meeting and to clearly establish the rationale for the recently adapted new 33b bus timetable where the perception among many in the local community is that this service is not an improvement on the previous timetable with no consideration given to students travelling from Portrane to both Donabate, Swords and beyond for schooling and college. The new changes also have a major impact on staff travelling to and from work in St Ita’s Hospital Portrane?” Reply: Dublin Bus has not replied to date to previous correspondence. If the question is approved the terms contained therein shall be conveyed to Dublin Bus and the National Transport Authority and when a response is received the Area Committee shall be informed.

7. To ask the Chief Executive if Fingal County Council in cordination with the Donabate Portrane Liasion Committee can arrange for at the earliest opportunity a ” Planning for Real” event to get the communities input for how exactly the future needs of Donabate Portrane to be met and especially the future of the Donabate Portrane Community Centre and also what to do with the Old Educate Together site?” Reply: Planning For Real is an English based model which uses a variety of community planning processes, some of which have already been incorporated into consultation events in Fingal. The Council’s Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Department gave a presentation in relation to planning matters, including an over-view of the Donabate Local Area Plan in November. Additional information/queries can be dealt with through the Liaison Committee process. In relation to the Educate Together site, relevant Council departments are available to meet with the Donabate Portrane Community Liaison Committee to discuss proposals for the use of this site and this can be set up through the Community Development Office.



That the Chief Executive while welcoming the provision of the new Donabate Distributor road, but also as a matter of priority that work commences to also include the improvement at the notorious accident black spot on the bad bend and to also upgrade and improve along the Hearse Road between the start of the new distributor road and the Lissenhall interchange given the obvious increase in traffic volumes along this stretch of road given this stretch of road which will become a focal point for both cyclists and motorists once the Donabate Distributor road is completed.” Report: Designs to address the removal of the bad bend on the Hearse Road are currently being prepared. Design drawings have been issued to the landowner in question and discussions regarding land transfer are ongoing. A reduction in the speed limit along the Hearse Road is also being considered as part of the county-wide speed limit review that is currently underway.


That the Chief Executive request the Architects Department to look at the footprint of the internal build or redesign of Donabate Portrane Community Centre for possible redesign or extension of the Centre in order to meet the growing needs of the population of Donabate Portrane, given currently the gymnasium and the building is operating at full capacity. This would be to meet the needs of the full community in regards to the deficits around community cultural and heritage that is a consistence issue currently for all groups and societies.” Report: A meeting will be arranged with the General Manager and the Board of Donabate/Portrane Community Centre and the Architects Department of the Council to examine and review the existing building and facilities. The Centre is being surveyed as part of the survey work of older community centres currently being carried out by the Architects Dept.



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