Special General Meeting

facebook-profile-logoDonabate Portrane Community Council are holding a Special General Meeting on Wed. 21st. Feb. at 8.30 in the Community Centre.

All are welcome to attend.

Donabate Portrane Community Council (formerly Donabate Parish Council) are holding a Special General Meeting to address the shortfall of committee members on the Council.

Donabate Portrane Community Council(DPCC) and formerly Donabate Parish Council (DPC) has been in existence since 1940, one of its primary aims, as stated in our constitution is  “The representation of the community as a whole in dealings with local government, statutory bodies and other agencies, in seeking, when considered necessary, technical, financial or other assistance in the promotion of the common good.”

DPCC has always had the interests of the communities of Portrane and Donabate as its primary aim, whether it has been on issues of local planning, sports, cultural, educational or other matters.The secondary school, community centre, local sports bodies, cultural groups, tidy towns and residents associations were all sub-committees of DPCC or DPC. Reductions in the numbers of new housing in LAP meetings and oversight with F.C.C. on existing housing projects, the National Forensic Mental Hospital, the new distributor road were all part of DPCC’s recent engagement with local authorities and the local community. In some of these engagements, we get concessions and sometimes not, such is the nature of Community Councils engagement with local and national bodies.

In recent years interest in DPCC has waned, it has to be said that this is a trend in other community councils across the country. However, given the big changes that are happening in our community. The move to Portrane of the National Forensic Mental Hospital, a new distributor road and a big increase in the population over the next 5 to 10 years to name just a few we feel that an active community council that will engage with the local community and act with one voice in dealings with local and national authorities is needed now more than ever.

Donabate Portrane Community Council



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