St. Ita’s Hospital planning (workshop presentation)


Proposed N.F.M.H.S.H

Proposed N.F.M.H.S.H

The Community Council and other interested groups with the help of  councillors Adrian Henchy and Paul Mulville held a very successful workshop last Sat. 14th. March in the Community Centre.

The workshop was organised in response to the H.S.E.’s lack of engagement with the local community regarding their application to An Bord Pleanála to move the Central Mental Hospital, from its present location in Dundrum to a new site at St. Ita’s Hospital, Portrane.

This workshop was organised to help anyone who wised to make their own submission, to answer any questions they may have had and also to walk them through An Bord Pleanála’s submission process for anyone who has never made a submission before.

A very good presentation was made which can be viewed here backed up by short clips of existing traffic chaos on the peninsula particularly at the schools and approaches to the railway bridge.

The workshop was very well attended so much so that the presentation had to be run a second time and their were people on hand to answer any questions which may have arisen.

The deadline for submissions on this application is next Mon. 23rd. March 2015.  We would urge anyone who has an interest in the future of this peninsula to make their own submission or group together with friends or neighbours and make a submission that way. If you view the presentation document it will give you pointers on making the submission and if you have any questions you can contact,

Adrian Henchy;

Paul Mulville;


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