The Bealtaine Festival

Bird Song project ImageThe Bealtaine Festival

“Greet the dawn with The Tower Singing Circle on Sunday morning 24th. May at 4.00am. at Tower Bay car park Portrane.

Yes 4.00am.,!!!! The Bird Song Project is part of The Bealtaine Festival and we are bringing our own version of the project to Portrane. We intend singing songs about birds (eg. ‘Yellowbird’ ) and songs with birds mentioned in them (eg. ‘All God’s Creatures got a Place in the Choir’ ) Then enjoy a hot drink as you watch the sunrise over Lambay. Everyone very welcome. ”

What is Bealtaine.
May belongs to the Bealtaine festival, celebrating creativity as we age! Over 120,000 people now take part in Bealtaine. From dance to cinema, painting to theatre, Bealtaine showcases the talents and creativity of both first-time and professional older artists.

It is a chance for people to make new and challenging work, a chance to communicate traditions between the generations. It is a chance for the novice to discover a talent until then unseen and a chance for a long-dormant skill to find a new outlet.
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