Tidy Towns & Flavours of Fingal

food rescueThe Donabate Portrane Tidy Towns team will occupy a stall in the Flavours of Fingal in Newbridge House on Saturday and Sunday 27th & 28th of June.

We have teamed up with Food Rescue which is an initiative developed by VOICE (one of the main organisers of the successful ‘Feeding the 5,000 Dublin’ event in November 2012) which takes its message about food waste to the local level. This campaign aims to drive awareness around the problem of food waste in Ireland – 30% of what we buy ends up in the bin – and highlights positive solutions to tackle this problem.
We hope this event will inspire individuals to think before they throw away good food. We will learn how to reduce food waste as well as enjoy a community meal made out of ingredients that were destined to be thrown away because they were too close to their ‘use by’ dates, were bruised or over-ripe, or never made it to the shops because they were ‘ugly’.

We ask that you promote this great event within your club/school or organisation and if anyone from the community would like to help the Tidy Towns on either day we’d gratefully accept your assistance.

Here is a sample of the activities at the Food Rescue stall in the Walled Garden at Flavours of Fingal

  • Free samples of dishes made from surplus ‘rescued food’
  • Cooking Demonstration on the Cookery Stage, Saturday at 12: How to cook with leftovers and food close to its best-before dates.
  • Vegetable seed planting kindly supported by Glenisk
  • Recycling game for kids
  • Composting demo site from EPA’s Stop Food Waste

Please get in touch with Clara on lacombreclara@gmail.com if you want to help this Tidy Towns project.

Thank you very much,

Donabate Portrane Tidy Towns Team

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